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BRM Manufacturing

SPS manufacturing network has the ability to build 2 to 8 PSI using our patented technology of combination steel framed and laminated panels. This technology is far more environmentally amicable to manufacture and considerably more ergonomically friendly.

Enviro BRM™ Manufacturing

Based on the Canadian blast zone requirements which were established by the federal government in 2012 under the S850-12 Standard, SPS can build BRMs to meet and/or exceed any zone. Under these standards, single to multi-unit complexes can be manufactured to meet zone-specific requirements. There is no longer a need to spend extra money on an 8 PSI BRM when only 2 PSI is required.

SPS BRMs are made from Patent Pending Extreme-Woodlam™ Panel (EWP) integrated within a steel framing system. This design provides five distinct benefits.

Five Benefits and Features:

  1. CELL PHONE AND RADIO COVERAGE: Cellphone and radio coverage are not disrupted with our Enviro BRM design due to the integration of exterior and interior wood panelling systems in our structural design of our Enviro BRM

  2. ERGONOMICS: The design and construction of our products, as well as the interior wood framing, provide your staff with a working environment that is warm and comfortable.

  3. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: SPS's BRMs are constructed of 75% renewal resources. With our products, you will have BRMs that have far less impact on the environment when being built.

  4. OPERATION COST: Optimized insulation design features are integrated into our BRMs for effective heating and cooling operations of the interior spaces. Our design utilizes an efficient (down draft) HVAC system, combined with our usage of Extreme-Woodlam™ Panel in our blast protection panels, and interior wood finishing thus providing natural insulation to the interior spaces within our units.

  5. HEALTH & SAFETY: With the exterior and interior wood panelling integration and reduction of electromagnetic forces, our designs provide a safe and healthy environment for people to be working in.

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